From amusement park to pure nature everything on 6 km² in the middle of Vienna

This is a place where people of all generations and from different backgrounds are together. The Prater in the heart of Vienna attracts both Viennese and tourists alike. In the Prater you can easily spend several hours with children. It divides into the Wurstelprater and the green Prater. Two areas, which cannot be more different. I don’t know of any other big city that has an amusement park with roller coaster, ferris wheel, 117 m high chain carousel, white-water ride and much more in its centre. Even those who are more likely to be deterred by places like this one should pay a visit to the Wurstelprater with its over 100 years old ferris wheel – Vienna’s landmark – because it is as much connected to Vienna as Emperor Franz and his Sisi – and the children will certainly love it.

In the 6 km² large area, the Wurstelprater occupies only a very small part of the area. The green prater behind it is much bigger:

Here you can walk along the 4 km long Prater Hauptallee to the Lusthaus. To the right and left of the main avenue there are spacious meadows, as well as numerous playgrounds and sports fields (including a BMX racetrack, skate parks and much more). Especially the Viennese use the main avenue for jogging, cycling and horse riding.

To the southeast of the Lusthaus there is a still quite natural floodplain landscape, which is what the Prater was in the past. If you go into the floodplains to the left of the golf club, you can take a nice walk with the children around the Krebsenwasser. You feel absolutely in the middle of nature and no longer in the middle of a metropolis.

The Wiener Prater (including Wurstelprater) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Wurstelprater is also free of charge, the rides are to be paid separately (the price is between 1.50 € and 5 € depending on the size and genre of the attraction). The rides are open between 10.00 am and 1.00 am, depending on the day of the week and the weather.

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